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The Beginnings of Beanstalk: An Interview with Scott Hachey of The Magic Beans


When Jack scaled the beanstalk he faced a deadly unknown and actual giants.

When Scott Hachey started Beanstalk he faced a daunting unknown and a giant mountain of work.

Both succeeded, and you could even say they created a legend in the process.

The 3rd annual Beanstalk Music and Mountains Festival starts this Thursday May 28th with a pre-party that kicks off a weekend overflowing with amazing music including: The Magic Beans, The Kyle Hollingsworth Band (ft. Michael Kang), Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, The Main Squeeze, Juno What!?, Iron Horse, American Babies, Kitchen Dwellers, Brothers Gow, and super-groups The Magic Brownies (ft. Marc Brownstein & Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits + Casey Russell & Scott Hachey of The Magic Beans), and Hollywood Nights (ft. Aron Magner & Allen Aucoin of The Disco Biscuits + Tom Hamilton of Almost Dead & Clay Parnell of Particle). All of who will be live this weekend at the spectacularly scenic State Bridge Amphitheater in Bond, Colorado, which has housed Beanstalk since it’s inception two years ago.

Scott is a busy man; this weekend he’ll be both the headlining artist and organizer of Beanstalk, but when we spoke last weekend Scott was trekking through Indiana and fresh off of The Magic Beans late night performance at Cosmic Reunion in Missouri. Luckily in addition to being extremely busy, Scott is also extremely nice, so he was happy to take some time away from his hectic schedule to talk with AKcreative about Beanstalk’s organic origins, his favorite festival memories, and what to expect from this year’s festivities.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille - OntheDLphotography

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille – OntheDLphotography

AKcreative: When did you have the idea to start a festival?

Scott Hachey: It basically came about through the State Bridge shows that we had. We did Campout For The Cause up there and then got talking with Doug Moog, the owner, and he was interested in bringing up The Magic Beans to do our own weekend, so I was like sounds pretty sweet, but I think we’re probably going to need some other bands to really pack the house and make it a family affair. So we decided to go with that, then worked with the budget he gave us and put together the first one.

How did the name Beanstalk come about?

We did a lot of brainstorming, but I don’t know who came up with it – I think I came up with it. It’s like Woodstock…you get it?

Even with your experience promoting shows, was it intimidating to actually act on your idea for Beanstalk and make it materialize?

I’ve promoted shows before, they’re always Magic Beans shows, but I also did an event at The Mishawaka called Jammin’ Up The Poudre Festival.

That’s yet another ingenious name.

(loud laughter) There has to be a hilarious pun in it or it’s not going to be my name. The first Beanstalk was easy because everything was included like the sound, staff and budget. We kind of changed the format the second year so that we could start bringing in all our own staff and all our own vendors. So it’s become more and more of a struggle, and this year was definitely a huge jump in size and management. But I’ve just kind of been learning as I’m going and it’s been good.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille - ontheDLphotography

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille – OntheDLphotography

What’s one of the largest lessons you’ve learned so far?

I would just say be prepared. I want to make sure we’re prepared when we get up there for all the artists and people coming out. Always make sure you’re covering your ass and know no money is ever ill spent if it’s going to help with your preparation.

What’s one of your favorite memories from the last two Beanstalks?

Man, last year, Saturday night, when The New Mastersounds crushed it and then they sat in with us, that was a special moment for me. I just knew that Beanstalk was something people were really invested in and that it was probably going to be around for a little while longer and not be this passing thing.

What are your goals for this year?

The main goal for this year is execution. We want to make sure everyone leaves happy and that’s pretty much my main concern. Whether we end up on top in the business side financially is obviously a concern because I’d hate to lose a bunch of money, but what it really comes down to is making sure everyone leaves with a great taste in their mouth. We’re having like a lot of really ‘big named’ artists coming out too, so we just really want to make that they’re comfortable and leave telling everyone that they had a good time at Beanstalk. Same with the fans too obviously, we just want people to have a great time.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille -ontheDLphotogrpahy

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille -OntheDLphotogrpahy

How do you go about creating the line-up for Beanstalk?

It’s kind of just bands we genuinely like and who will bring some people up, and also reaching out to see who wants to be a part of it. That’s a huge thing; we’re not a huge budget festival so every band that you’ll see there is playing for less then what they usually play for. We usually throw that around and see who is really committed to the idea of what’s going on and wants to have fun. When we reached out to Kyle (Hollingsworth) he was immediately excited about it, and that’s what I want. We’re not going to be able to pay the big bucks and there’s not going to be all these super awesome accommodations because it’s really about getting out to the mountains and just playing music for great people. If a band doesn’t understand that, then we usually don’t go with them and that’s kind of how we book. Seeing if they’re in on the idea, and also only booking good music too.

Any particular act you’re excited for this year?

Everything dude, but I’d say JRAD (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead). They’re super freewheeling like the Dead and have a lot of improvisational fields and openness to the show so it’s going to get crazy soupy up there.

If Beanstalk had an official motto or mission statement what would it be?

I’d say combining the awe-inspiring environment of The Rocky Mountains and the Colorado River with music, and kind of fusing those together until you can’t really tell the difference between the two.

Lastly, what would you like to tell all the fans that are attending this year?

I want to tell people to treat everyone like family, dress warmly at night, and know there’s no cell service so maybe bring Walkie Talkies or just go with it since that’s kind of the vibe up there.

For more information on Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival or to purchase tickets, visit the festival’s official site here.

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille - ontheDLphoto

Photo courtesy of Dylan Langille – OntheDLphoto



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