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BroBible.com Interview with Arty


* This was written for BroBible.com and published in April 2012 . To commemorate the one year anniversary of my first published piece I thought it’d be nice to finally put it up on AKcreative.org. Big thanks to Arty for taking the time to talk with me as well as Fred Carter of Carter3productions and Mike Margolis of MCG consulting group for giving me the opportunity. 

“Meet Arty, a 22-Year-Old DJ Who’s the Next Big Thing on the EDM Scene”

As Arty sits alone and unassuming in his green room you’d have a hard time telling that this 22 year-old from Russia is quickly becoming one of the top DJs in the world. In the past year he has jumped from #75 to #25 in DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs” and with the amount of hype and talent that he has, Arty is sure to crack the top ten by this time next year. So if you haven’t heard of Arty, you will, and luckily we were able to catch up with him after The Drop at Lehigh University in the midst of a whirlwind tour that includes six shows in four days as a part of Miami Music Week.

AKcreative: So since you just had 3 huge shows in Miami and you’re flying back tomorrow to do 3 more how did it feel to perform in Pennsylvania?

ARTY: It was a very good time in the middle of the craziness that’s going on in my life right now. It was much more relaxing and I can finally get a good night’s sleep before flying back to Miami. Cause when you’re in Miami and you go to Miami Beach it’s just so surreal and there are so many people that you can’t make a step without a “Hey Arty how’s it going?” and you know you all these other DJs and they’re so excited about it and just everything that’s going on in Miami, which is just pretty cool.

The video blog of your second day in Miami looked insane.

That was actually yesterday with a Group Therapy Party I played with Archer Sanchez, which was really cool and Archer, who was one of the fucking nicest guys I’ve ever met, is a legend in house music. He’s such a grounded guy that he came to me and said “Thank you for the set, you killed it,” and man when you got support from Roger Sanchez you’re feeling fine.

And along with that you also have support from “Above and Beyond” which is an ideal foundation for an artist like you to have.

Yea I’ve worked with them a lot and I think that it’s the best support that you can have for the beginning of your career and the continuation of your career because they support you a lot – they support your music, they release your music and they do everything that they can make for you to bring you to a massive level.

Which is great cause then their not as much controlling your career as enabling it?

Yea it’s like we never had these relations like where we sign some set contract. I never had a contract with Anjunabeats I just worked and if I wanted to release my music on their label they’d release it. I was also a resident of Anjunabeats Worldwide because I got the offer and they said if you have the time you can make this radio show and I made it for a few times but right now we actually finished the launching of a new radio show which is going to be on a really really big radio station in the USA and that is going to be pretty crazy so we’re pretty excited about that.


 How does it feel to have jumped 50 spots over the last year in the global DJ rankings?

For me it just means that my fans are supporting me a lot and they appreciate what I’m doing, but I also appreciate what they’re doing for me – coming to these parties and showing their support for me, which means that I’m doing something right.

I’d imagine living a life where you get paid to make music, travel around and meet amazing people doesn’t have many drawbacks, but is there anything bad about being a globe trotting DJ?

What can be bad? I mean the only bad thing about it is sometimes you can’t get good food or you can’t eat 3 times a day which is very important for your health and for your body and the other bad side is that sometimes there’s too much alcohol, but I’m trying to be in shape and trying to still have fun, which sometimes is with no alcohol at all. And the third thing is that you can’t have a proper sleep and that is really important because you need all of these things but with the DJ life sometimes it’s impossible. But this is my dream actually to be a DJ, to be a producer and to tour.

Which is such a significant accomplishment at age 22.

I’m trying to do my best so we’ll see what happens by the end of this year

Are there any venues you’d like to play or any artists you want to collaborate with that you haven’t already?

I mean my dream over the last couple years was a collaboration with Axwell because he’s my idol and right now we are working on a track together which is pretty cool and I’ve worked really hard to make Axwell happy with the song so I hope that in the next one to two weeks we’ll be done with it.

You tend to gravitate towards collaborations so I was wondering what you think is the best part about making music with other artists?

Actually with this (Trio) collaboration I had a track idea so I sent it to these guys and they made a really cool top melody on the track and I pulled it all together. The cool thing about it is that you get these really fresh ideas from the other guys who are also really talented and when you collaborate like this together you can get a really cool thing in the end. So that’s what happened with Trio and the track turned out well. I never worked with the guys in the studio it was always like sending the project to each other through the internet. Maybe sometimes it will happen and me and the other guys will be locked up in the studio and we’ll be working on some stuff, but right now I just use a laptop, headphones and a hotel. That’s the only time I have to produce my music – in hotels and in plains but again I’m just trying to do my best.

Who is your favorite current DJ?

Axwell I mean there’s really no competition, he is the best performing DJ.

How soon will you be back in Russia and what do you miss most about home when you’re traveling?

I’ll be back in Russia in the next week and the thing I miss the most is my family. I really miss my parents even if I go off for one week or two weeks and the last crazy tour I did I was gone for like one and a half months, which was pretty crazy but when I got back I just hugged my mother and hugged my father – you know.

Is your family pretty important to be around as far as keeping you grounded or giving you a break from being a DJ?

Well my mom is one of the biggest Skrillex fans so she’s pretty educated about what’s happening in the electronic music scene and my father supports me a lot too, which is pretty cool because you really do care what your parents think about your career. They trust me and I appreciate that they trust me and I try to do my best.


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