A Collage of Creativity

An Embodying of Principles & An End to Procrastination!

Not all routines are good. Bad habits only dig themselves deeper. Turning into ignorance and appearing unbreakable until the thought of change becomes unfathomable. One of the worst habits to have is procrastination because it perpetuates itself. Changing your ways can always be set-aside for something more ‘significant’ or as mundane as doing dishes. Even me writing this is a form of procrastinating what I need to do for what I want to do, but simply making it to my desk is an accomplishment. I’ll find myself in full-fledged Martha Stewart mode before bringing myself to do whatever work or writing (often the same) I must finish. Once the sponge is out of my hand and I begin to put pen to paper the world and all it’s worries vanish like a Hollywood backdrop. All that’s there is a blank page.

Those 33 lonely lines stretched across a sheet of white. It is as intimidating yet invigorating as the edge of a cliff. I find myself at this ledge everyday. Eternally wondering why I write or what to write? And although I frequently face this fear it never gets easier.  But suddenly as I sit staring at the page my mind begins translating thought to ink as letter by letter, line by line, the pages begins to fill with a mix of scribbles and sentiments.

Fact: Practice makes perfect.

Truth: Procrastinating makes practice easier to put off.

My ‘To Do List” grows longer and longer; often looked at but rarely acted on. Causing what was once imminent to seem impossible. But if you snap-out of that momentary mindset you’ll realize that ultimately nothing is unattainable. Unless you think it is.

Where the pessimistic perspective sees obstacles, the optimistic outlook sees opportunity. It’s a fact not a fortune cookie, and as a part-time writer and a full-time optimist I want to take this opportunity to proclaim my mission to overcome procrastination.

With that declaration comes the acknowledgement that I must first finish what I’ve started before beginning to move forward. I have articles to write, interviews to transcribe, emails to send, concerts to attend and dreams to attain. If I am a writer or a man of principles then I must walk the talk and make sure that talk is put on paper.

When it comes to change, there truly is no better time then now. So instead of delaying it just do it. All with a steadfast faith that through enduring this temporary challenge you will achieve a long-term change.

I WILL keep writing, so I hope you will continue reading. Till the next post – stay creative and always strive to make your mentality your reality.

Here’s a spectacular song and a hint for one of my upcoming articles…

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