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Deer Tick

In honor of AKcreative hitting 1,000 views and the fact that I can’t wait any longer to share this with you…here’s a brief interview I did with rambunctious indie rockers Deer Tick. More music posts to come – enjoy!



As Deer Tick stands shouting “We’re four grown men and we act like kids” to an adoring and inebriated audience at the Rex Theater it’s clear that they’re telling the truth. A truth that’s been earned and embodied by the band after years of tirelessly touring and making raw relatable music that blends heartfelt confessions with celebratory chants.

Deer Tick have been spreading this unique style of folk rock across America for years now, as they slowly but surely sing their way from underground admiration to mainstream success on a road that’s been much more gritty than glamorous. Their most recent album Divine Providence received widespread praise and helped them earn their prime-time television debut with David Letterman and also a spot as the first featured artist on Brian William’s online music series “Bri-tunes”. And although they may act like kids, they make music like a band whose perseverance is just starting to pay off.

AKcreative: This tour just started and Pittsburgh is only your fourth stop out of 48 total shows this summer. How is it going so far?

Deer Tick: I haven’t even counted yet, 48 shows sounds daunting. It’s been great all the cities we’ve played have been awesome. The first one was Springfield, our hometown, so it was really fun to do that. Before that we played a kind of secret show in New York, which was still really fun. Then Philly was great and also Asbury Park was amazing.

Have there been any memorable moments so far?

When we were playing Asbury Park some dude ran on stage with no shirt on and John gave him his guitar and he started to solo. I don’t know if he was trying to have fun or just being a jackass, but then he threw John’s guitar on the ground, and if it would have broken we probably would have reacted differently but it was pretty funny.

 You guys are notorious for constantly being on tour, and although there are obvious cons to constantly living on the road, what would you say is the best part about touring?

I guess just playing shows. It sounds kind of lame, but we generally do the same cities over and over again and you kind of get sick of that so we wanted to play some different places. They don’t have to be big venues they can be small venues in stranger places. Especially on this tour we’re going to get to visit a lot of places we haven’t played before.

What would you say is the biggest difference between now and this time last year?

This time last year what were we doing? We were kind of coming off of doing a European tour and basically just gearing up to do weekend shows and record our album for the summer. So we weren’t doing like a big summer tour since our big tour was last fall. I hope we have a new record out by this time next year. We’re getting a lot of material for it but we’re having a really hard time trying to record it because of all this touring. So I hope that around the beginning of next year we’ll be able to chill out and record for a while and just play to more people.

 Does this specific stage in your career feel like the calm before the storm?

It’s kind of like people say that to us more often than we say it to ourselves. I mean the fact of the matter is we are playing bigger places every time we go on tour, but I don’t think we want it to blow up cause basically the faster you go up the faster you come down. So I think our steady, albeit slow, but steady incline has kind of worked to our pace and our benefit.

 Are there any cons you’re starting to see as a result of this increase in popularity?

I guess you can get a little disillusioned by touring all the time. You can get bored of it and be like wait a minute – this is exactly what I wanted to do.

 What do you like to do whenever you aren’t on tour?

I mean I live in New York City so there’s plenty to do, and I live with my girlfriend and we have a dog so I kind of just try to be as domestic as possible. I just try to be normal.

 I heard that during the filming of your most recent music video for “Main Street” someone caught on fire and another person got a sprained ankle?

Yea there were a couple injuries. John sprained his ankle jumping through the wall, which is at the end of the video and Dennis’ shirt got lit on fire by a firework. We just kind of did this really dangerous video as amateur as possible with all of our friends just shooting off roman candles at us. 

—Deer Tick “Main Street” (official video)—

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