A Collage of Creativity

Glory Days

There comes a time in every job when you have to do the dirty work. When the not so pleasant but necessary part of whatever you’re working on must get done. The chef must do the dishes, the athlete has to wake up at 4am, and in my case the writer must actually write. It isn’t as easy as just sitting down and putting pen to paper, and although I wish it were – it isn’t.  Especially for a procrastinator with perfectionist tendencies, I insist on reaching my full potential but will wait till the last second to get there. And at some point in the writing process I have to cut the ties, even if I feel it isn’t done because otherwise I would never finish or publish anything. In fact if I didn’t reach that point I’m pretty sure I would still be re-writing my final college essay. But I turned it in, got my grade and have moved on to write many more pieces.

The truth in this is that you can’t get caught up things, and that applies to anything in life; worries, regrets, essays, memories, money etc. These things will only hold you back and if you move forward while only looking back in your rear-view mirror you’re sure to crash or at least miss out on most of the things all around you. To think in terms of our ‘glory days’ is dangerous, which is why whenever I hear Bruce belting that tune I sing along but also remind myself to never feel that way. Our glory days are not in the past and thus they should not be reflected on or viewed as some previous peak in our lives. Every day is glorious and when you live in the past it’s easy to be blind of this beauty. But when you immerse yourself in the moment and approach the future without fear or doubt that it won’t live up to the past then there are only opportunities for optimism. The sun will shine brighter, tomorrow will take on a whole new meaning and you can finally take your eyes off of past glory and start seeing the present’s potential for even greater grandeur.


 On that note here’s a lesser known song from Gotye that’s sure to make you “Feel Better” and as always thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m still unsure exactly why I feel compelled to share this stuff with you, but my doubts are eclipsed by the fact that if this blog can simply make you smile or maybe help you have a better day then it is a success. Your support means more than this writer could ever try to sum up in words.

I’ve also included 2 pictures from the Hardwell show I saw in Arizona and my past weekend in Ithaca New York. Till the next post stay creative and NEVER sacrifice living in the present for looking to the past.

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