A Collage of Creativity

Brief But Important

My journalism career is finally starting to feel real with all the press passes, constant emailing, transcribing interviews, seeking out stories, and writing whenever there’s time to.  I guess it’s true, that things happen for a reason, but those things will only happen if you make them materialize yourself because in the end it is the go-getters and creators of the world who make a mark and live the life that they’ve imagined.  I’m fortunate for all the sincere support of my friends and family and also all the people who have had faith in me and allowed me to pursue my passion of being a writer. All that said my success as a writer ultimately falls on my shoulders and although plenty of people will have a helping hand along the way only I can truly make it happen. Which is what I’m in the midst of doing right now traveling, getting interviews, writing, and publishing pieces all with the hope of someday making this lifestyle into a livelihood and one day being published in major magazines.

Whenever I open a music magazine like Rolling Stone or Spin I don’t just read it, I’m immersed in it. I consume it from cover to cover learning from well-written articles, discovering new music and all the while hoping to have my own by-line in them someday.  It will happen – mark my words, and on that day I imagine I’ll feel the fulfillment of making my dream my reality and I can only hope that my friends are fortunate enough to have the same sensation at some stage in their life.  The creative fire burns bright inside of all of us; it’s just a matter of discovering your particular path and pursuing it with unyielding determination and diligence.

I’m in the midst of several stories right now and will do my best to have them all done as soon as possible, but when a procrastinator with a perfectionists’ standards makes promises they’re often un-fulfilled. So instead I’ll just tell you to keep checking back and stay excited about all my upcoming projects including Ground Up, Kap Slap, White Like Fire, Grandparents and MGM&Rewak. You and your support are what fuel my fire so thanks again and I’ll leave you with the link to my Arty interview, a picture from my recent studio session with Ground Up and an amazing new song by Norah Jones.

BroBible Interview with Arty

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