A Collage of Creativity

If you’re reading this – THANK YOU!

Whenever I write or act naturally, out of instinct or inspiration things tend to happen freely – they flow into one another and make moments into a succession of spontaneous bliss. But when I’m too methodical or mechanical with the way I think and act then things are awkward and feel forced. Some of the best people and places I’ve encountered were unexpected and unbelievably influential.

Activities such as surfing and snowboarding have reinforced and reminded me how important it is to ‘go with the flow’. Letting nature take over, whether it’s a wave a mountain or your destiny, and just enjoying the experience of living with such freedom and folly.

In my case I wanted to write and had hopelessly looked for that ideal internship or job until I realized that ‘perfect’ opportunity wasn’t something I’d find but instead something I’d create. I had all the ingredients and no recipe: the ambition, an unbearable urge to write and access to plenty of potential stories. With the Internet acting as a free outlet for promoting and publishing what I write all I have to do is iron out the details and develop a vision of what it is I want to share with the world and how I’m going to say it. Then stick with it, write, keep writing, seek out stories, publish it all and hopefully have enough interest to keep growing.

Thanks to you AKcreative has taken flight and formed into a source for all forms of creativity to be seen, heard, read, felt and enjoyed by you.  Part of the creative cycle is collaboration, so if you have any feedback or creative writing and/or art of your own feel free to send it to me @austinkoontz8@gmail.com and I’ll potentially put it in a post for everyone to enjoy.  My genuine gratitude can’t be expressed enough but I intend to show it in the form of frequent and ever evolving posts that will include interviews, art, poetry, pictures, plenty of music and much more.

My Arty interview for BroBible.com has yet to be posted, but I was told it should be by sometime tonight and as soon as it is I’ll be sure to share it with you. As always thanks for taking the time to read and tomorrow I’ll be posting a profile of Grandparents, who are an amazing band out of Portland Oregon who describe their style as “indie, folk, rock, dream pop, psychedelic, spaghetti western” which in other words means good groovy tunes that will be sure to brighten your day. Till then here’s a video from another eclectic and experimental rock band called Black Lips with their tripped out retro video for “Veni Vedi Vici”.

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