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My First Published Piece!

Today marks a monumental moment in my life as a person and particularly as a writer because it is the date of my first professionally published article! There’s a strong sense of pride in what I wrote and also excitement for what is to come. My first published piece is an interview with an up and coming DJ named Arty that took place after his show at Steel Stacks on March 24th and will be published later today on www.BroBible.com, which is a popular college culture blog. Everyone and everything must start somewhere and all though I’m in the initial stages of my career I know that this seed will sprout and grow into something more meaningful than I can ever imagine.

Coincidentally I stumbled upon something I scribbled in my notebook this time last year while I was in the middle of completing my college career. It deals with how I felt beginning the transition from thinking of myself as a student into thinking and acting like a writer. It involved parting ways with any curriculum and all classrooms and instead immersing myself in the world of writing that up till then I had only studied or dipped my toe in. Kind of encouraging and scary to see where I was and what I was writing only a year ago, but I know that these words still ring true and hope that they are at least enjoyable or relatable for you. As you’ll see my poetry class had heavily influenced the way I wrote with a lot of alliterations and allusions. But no matter how flowery it feels know that this is how I felt and that these words were merely trying to do justice to the many mixed emotions of finishing finals and becoming a writer.


Another day, another page to pour my thoughts out onto. More ink to twist into letters, creating words with feeling and maybe even meaning if I’m lucky enough to impart or inspire such significance. Almost four full years of studying writing and I still love it, which is more than some of my soon to graduate peers can say about their major. I sure hope academia hasn’t left you uninterested in your particular passion or pursuit. Yet I still see writers with that creative fire no longer flickering in their eyes, engineers solely seeking the promise of a paycheck, and other graduating ‘grown ups’ who move debt-ridden and fearfully into a future that’s unknown.

It’s intimidating but if we have taken anything away from our higher education it is the tools to go into this unknown future knowing that we are well trained and ready to take on any challenge. Overcoming obstacles and not only conquering them, but also building off of them and becoming someone with something to proudly and passionately pursue in life. Money may come, and definitely may go, but it is not the ends to my means. It is not what drives me to do what it is I love and as long as my intentions are sincere and my actions are natural than there are only opportunities for fun and fulfillment.  I am a writer and I don’t need any person or piece of paper to tell me that – I was born one; it’s in my bones. It is in my nature to observe the people and places around me, to peel back the onion and create connections while always attempting to express the soul of something or someone with words. I am a writer and although my future is unknown it is not dark or dreadful but instead blank and blooming with beautiful possibility.


Stayed tuned to AKcreative for up-coming posts about life and lots of music including Kap Slap, Grandparents, Ground Up and White Like Fire. Till then stay creative and as always thanks for reading! I’ll leave you with a group shot of everyone before the Ground Up show in West Virginia this past Thursday and an acoustic performance of the Klaxons “Golden Skans”.

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