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All About Attitude

I always seem to suddenly be struck by inspiration on my bus ride to and from work, when all of the thoughts that filled my mind while working or sleeping spill out onto the page. My handwriting is scribbled and sloppy because of Pittsburgh’s potholes and aggressive bus drivers, but I usually fill a full page and sometimes miss my stop because I’m so enamored by what I’m writing. I must look like I’m trying to emulate Eminem or something as I sit in the back of the bus with my headphones on rocking rhythmically to the beat as I frantically fill my notebook. I mostly meditate on things that I want to remember or that I just feel compelled to put onto paper. Recently I’ve written a lot about attitude as a result of trying to make the most out of my current job/life situation. I’ve included a free verse poem I wrote going to work today and also a short reflection on the powers of perception that acts as an extension of my previous post  “Part-time Passion”. Hope you enjoy it and as always thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this– your support is both uplifting and priceless.

The 71D (4/3 – 8:38 AM)

It’s interesting

To see how people spend their time

On my morning commute

Some stare at screens

Some stare out windows

With a dazed droop to their face

Half awake

Out of bed

But not ready for reality

All of us taking the same bus

Different directions

Isn’t life a lot like the 71D?

An array of people

Coming and going

Smiling and staring

All on our way

To something

Bigger than this bus

All About Attitude (4/3 – 2:32 PM)

While walking a delivery today I simultaneously slipped in puke and almost got hit by a car, which is weird because of how perfectly placed the puke was for me to slip on it and the fact that I’m not a clumsy person. But back to the point, and away from any talk about puke – the moral or meaning of this story is that somehow I still managed to have a great day because in a situation where it seemed like things couldn’t get worse I instead chose to think about how things could only get better. As my mom used to tell me “it is what you make it” and that ‘it’ applies to work, weather, traffic, people and almost anything else we can experience in a day.

I keep returning to the concept of positive perception and how life is all about attitude because it is a philosophy I practice and ponder all the time. We tend to react negatively to anything that isn’t what we want or expect it to be, but these things are actually out of our control. What we can control is the way we react to and act in such situations, and if our attitude is always attempting to be positive then everything we encounter has an upside.

My academic education may be done but learning never stops – it is infinite and intrinsic. We make mistakes, and often learn the hard way not to do that thing again or we enjoy something and do whatever we can to replicate or prolong that pleasurable experience. This ongoing comprehension is what allows us to survive, maybe even mature, and actually make better more beneficial decisions. Unfortunately this theory about how ‘it’ is all about attitude is much easier in principle than practice, but if you truly think about it and apply it whenever and wherever you can you’ll find that things can only get better.


And in the spirit of seeing the sunny side and the start of spring here’s a throwback song that hopefully brightens your day even more!

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