A Collage of Creativity

A Poem and Some Pictures

So sticking with my promise to post everyday may be harder than I thought, but I’m a man of my word and I happened to stumble upon a poem that I wrote while hitchhiking and surfing my way through New Zealand so here it is, followed by some beautiful street art. As always thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for the highly anticipated and long overdue link to what will be my first professionally published writing.


The trees of knowledge and life survive to this day

Budding fruitful understanding as time melts away

The shadows shall shift – the winds will blow

At dusk the moon comes –at dawn the moon go

It is this I value most – It is this I know is true

So I’ll shine bright, spread the light and share this life with you

To the flammable soul, the open mind and those of you who listen

Feel these words, reflect these thoughts and you will also glisten.

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