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“Consuming Culture” : poem/collage

Thanks to all of you for the feedback and continued support! As a result of your interest and my current spring time surge in creativity I will be posting everyday. So stay tuned and maybe even add a bookmark, but regardless AKcreative will undoubtably grow and get better with each and every post. I plan on moving away from my more autobiographical posts and adding tons of music content including interviews, videos, show reviews, full feature articles and much much more.

Till then here’s a poem I wrote a while back when I was in Colorado for my first unbelievable summer amidst the rocky mountains and an amazing community of very impassioned individuals. Those magnifacent people and that magical place inspired me to pen this poem that I imagined as a decleration that would be read in a public place atop a soap box somewhere.

The accompanying collage is the very first one I ever made and it was actually an assignment that I never turned in since we were supposed to take one night and I chose to take one week. But after a meeting with my professor and explaining the collage’s concept to her she didn’t give me a zero and encouraged me to make more which I decided to do for my forty page piece about bike culture in Pittsburgh (included in “The Beginning of a Blog”).  I’m in the middle of working on a lot of projects including more artwork, poetry, interviews and articles about an array of musicians that I hope you’ll enjoy.

To access the collage just click the “Consuming Culture” title at the top of the poem. I would recommend reading the poem after looking at the collage, but do whatever you’d like to and as always – thanks for reading!

“Consuming Culture”

A Declaration! (for the living dead)

Come one! Come all! To hear what is said

Subside no more! Conformists rejoice!

Acquaint yourself with the freedom of choice

Choose not to ignore the fleeting voice in your head

Come one! Come all! To hear what is said

That noise in the distance – whose cry’s ever fleeting

I’m glad to see you two are finally meeting

No need for introductions – it’s been here all along

Eternally humming the grandest of songs

Singing take back your souls! Tis’ the season of life!

of Brother – of Sister – of Husband & Wife

Of time not to be filled, wasted or spent

If money’s your savior – I beg you repent!

You’ve been blinded by lies – raped of all thought

Abused – Exploited – Enslaved & Bought

Conned into perceiving that you’ve found satisfaction

Continually falling victim to ideas with no action

We’ve pledged allegiance to a corrupt & greedy nation

Led to the slaughter just to feed a corporation

Complacent – Oppressed – Brainwashed & Dumb

TVs distract – pharmaceuticals make you numb

Controlled by the hands of the governing elite

A lifetime oblivious to our connection under feet


“Learning a technique may provide us with a job, but it will not make us creative; where as, if there is joy, if there the creative fire, it will find a way to express itself, one need not study a method of expression.”

J. Krishnamurti  – Education and the Significance of Life

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