A Collage of Creativity

Post Numero Dos

First off I want to thank everyone who is taking the time out of whatever it is they’re doing to read my blog. This is only my second post but I’m already humbled by the support you’ve shown and hope that this blog can only become bigger and better as it progresses.  Sometimes I board the bus in the morning still somewhat asleep as I just zone out on the way to work, but on other mornings I’m inspired to pull out my notebook and write down whatever it is I’m thinking about. Today I was wondering why I’ve come to hate getting out of the bed in the morning and after a five-minute bus ride this is what I wrote:

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to wake up for something that we want to do as opposed to something we have to do? It’s an incredible indicator of what we truly love in life and chances are it isn’t your morning class or part time job. Instead it’s the people and places that we’re innately interested in that cause us to not need an alarm and to wake up with a smile. The truth is we all need to do more things that we want to get out of bed for. I’ve grown so accustom to the forced feeling of waking up for work that I forgot how great getting up is when I actually want to because then and only then is there a natural swell of enthusiasm that can eclipse any lack of sleep.

These are the type of things that normally remain private in my notebook, however I hope there’s still something worthwhile to take away from what I’ve written because otherwise there’s no purpose in publishing it. But regardless, take the time tomorrow to try and be aware of how you feel when you wake up, and also think about what makes you greet the day with effortless enthusiasm instead of overwhelming dread because those are the thing that we should strive to fill each and every day with.

Enough of the philosophical/Dr. Phil type observations and on to some terrific music.  I will not claim to be the first person to tell you about St. Vincent but if I am – that’s terrific – because she is an amazingly talented singer songwriter blessed with beauty that can rival a summer sunset. Enjoy!

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